Bellamora Review – Ground Floor Opportunity With A New Company?

Bellamora Company Review
As you know I look at all the new companies and review the good the bad and the ugly. I am glad you arrived at this article ready to learn more about Bellamora’s Business opportunity. I am also glad that you found this article outlining and reviewing Bellamora. If you are dealing with a new company like Bellamora you must first become an informed consumer and then an educated business owner. Never enter an opportunity where questions go unanswered and all you are offered is the hype of top earners or projected earnings. Making a final decision on becoming a distributor or a representative should not be taken lightly since your future is dependent on the decisions you make today. In this article I will cover material components of Bellamora. We will look at the company history and product. We will then discuss the Compensation Plan and finally I will discuss my personal view on whether this company offers a Sound Business Opportunity.

Product and Background
Bellamora International Group is a Brand New Company located and working out of Tampa Florida. The Bellamora product line is Skin Care. Their product fights age spots, skin blemishes, wrinkles and tons skin as well and manage fine lines. This cream was created out of a tragedy over 20 years ago. Dr. Bruce a chiropractor and the original founder of the company discovered it while working on a topical treatment for skin viruses. He presumably used it when he was severely burned. His doctors were amazed at the results and the time in which he recovered. The leaders of the company are as follows: Dr. Bruce Miller Chairman and Founder, Ed Ayala, President and CEO, Brian McLane, CMO, Jack Deal, VP of Business Operations, Wayne Miller, VP Production, Robert Alvarez, VP of Technology… All great business guys with vast past MLM experience. The product comes in packs. The basic pack starts at $199; the premium pack goes for $299 and the ultimate pack is $499. Each product pack contains a variety of products from Bellamora. The company has recruited some big time power players into their corporate team. Leaders in major MLM companies have been recruited and the buzz is out there. So they are squared away when it comes to the Corporate side of their endeavor.

Marketing Presence
Bellamora website and videos are of great quality. I would give them a strong 8 when it came to presentation. Their website is developed to demonstrate that they mean business when it comes to recruiting and retaining. Bellamora has put thought in how they can present opportunity. Bellamora offers a variety of Marketing tools for their reps (IBE’s) including replicated marketing sites, training DVD’s, Training CD’s, business cards and brochures. These are things that would be expected from a company that is series about their pre-launch. One thing to remember that while they are in their pre-launce they are giving away free samples and not charging members to join. This is probably why everyone and anyone is signing up for Bellamora’s opportunity. Will they stay, it still remains to be seen. There are a ton of recruiters signing many people up due to their attractive no-cost signup and free sample marketing.

Compensation Plan
The compensation plan is straight forward. Retain Income: You can buy the 5 piece skin care system wholesale for $119 and sell it retail for $199 = $80 profit! Monthly Income Potential: Develop 1 retail customer per week = 4 customers x $80 = $320 a month! Preferred Customer Income: You buy wholesale for $119 and sell it to a preferred customer Automatic Delivery Program (ADP) for $159 = $40 profit! Monthly Income Potential: 10 preferred customer on ADP x $40 = $400 a month residual! 100 preferred customers on ADP = $4,000 a month residual! On its face it seems fair and straight forward. You also get the product free when you get 3 preferred customers on autoship. The other means of compensation with Bellamora. Fast Start Bonuses, Binary Team Income, Business Center, Matching Cash Bonuses, Leadership Bonus Pools, Dream Car Bonus, Dream Home Bonus. A ton of ways to make money and incentives with Bellamora. Also since they are in PRELAUNCH the time to move is now if you decide on joining.

Due Diligence Investment?
What is due diligence investment? In short, should you invest more time finding out more about Bellamora and truly consider becoming associated with Bellamora. In my personal and non-legal opinion I would say this company is worth a serious look at. The management is an interested party and seems credible. I would most definitely consider further investigation into this company. I say this with the caveat that you must have a marketing plan in place to succeed.

Can I Have Success With Bellamora?
Success in network marketing is not entirely founded on the viability of the company or the product its self. Before undertaking any further consideration of entering this company as a partner, I urge to to look at a marketing system before entering any MLM. Bellamora reps will have tons of competition if their sign-ups are any indication. You will need to generate tons of leads to create success that will give you a great residual income.

How To Generate Leads For Bellamora?
Being a strong proponent of Attraction Marketing and having the fortunate advantage over our predecessors of years past, I feel that the use of the Internet is a vital component to your success. With the use of on line systems which allow you to brand yourself, generate leads and create other streams of revenue directly from those who decide not to entertain your opportunity is paramount. If you are Interested In Generating Leads For Your Network Marketing business whether it is for Bellamora or any other business I urge you to take advantage of the free training available for network marketers where you will learn more about finding leads and recruiting without even bothering your friends and family.

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