The Documents Required for Forming a New Company

Every new UK Company (Co) has to be registered with UK Co House before commencing its operation. UK firm house is an Executive Agency of the UK government which is responsible for allowing new UK businesses to run their business in United Kingdom, apart from that, it also keep the track records of existing UK firms.

To register a business with the UK Co House, the applicant has to submit some details about the proposed business.

Name of the Corporation:
The person or group of persons wants to incorporate a new corporation should choose a name for their corporation, in which the business would be registered with UK firm registration house. The name should be unique. That means there should be no other firm with the same name already registered with UK business registration house. To check the uniqueness of the name, one should go to the official site of the UK firm registration office.

Registered Office:
One should mention the registered office address of the UK Corporation, he or he is forming. Every Corporation must have a registered office to get. And also, the registered office should be in the UK.

Details of Subscribers:
In case of a limited business, the maximum number of subscribers can be four. All the details about the subscribers should be mentioned in the form for applying for a new UK business. A person less than 16 years of age cannot be a subscriber of any UK business, according to the prevailing business law in UK.

Apart from the above mentioned details, there are several other details one has to submit at the time of registering a new company with UK firm registration house. One can know about other documents required by going to the official site of the Companies House.

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