How Should You Handle Interviewing at New Companies While Still Employed

When going on a job interview, there are many things that call for your attention. From your grooming and dressing to your confidence and qualifications, everything holds some value. So, if you are interviewing for a new company but hold another position at a different company, here is what you have to be concerned about.

. Experience- The experience that you have gained working in the company should be relevant to the job profile for which you are applying. In case, you feel like changing fields, make sure you are qualified for the post you are applying for. Also, a change from one field to another may require learning some new skill. You should possess it before applying for a position that requires such a thing.

. Qualification- When you are applying for a better job while still holding a position, chances are you need to be more qualified in order to get the superior post. Check up the qualifications needed and flaunt them on your resume if you have them.

. Honesty- This is very essential when you are applying for a job while holding a position with another company. Be truthful about the remuneration you are getting and the notice period if any. Several companies also have policies regarding probation period and if you quit the company before the period is over, you have to pay a bond amount. Do tell your new employers about the bond amount is such a thing exists. The company that you are interviewing for should get to know when you can actually resign and join their organization. Also, be clear about the expectations that you have from your new job, position and organization.

. Reasons- Without a doubt, the people interviewing you will ask you why you want to quit your old job and take up this new one. Be sure to say that you aim for something better all the time. Do not start badmouthing your previous employers and complain about working conditions and pressure. Instead, emphasize that you always love a challenge and that is why you want to take up this new job. You can always come up with some other genuine reason without having to slander your employers or anyone for that matter.

Overall, the key here is to be honest, but persuasive. Their is a fine line here, and you never want to put yourself in a position that can be compromising at some point.

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